This Greyhound Loves Summer More Than Anyone Else Ever. Just Watch This!

Don’t you just looove summer and swimming!! This Greyhound certainly loves the water so much, she can’t contain herself in the backyard pool, jumping and simply having the time of her life!!

I’ve never seen such enthusiasm before, have you? All that’s lacking is ice cream and my goodness, I’m sure her day will be complete!! ^_^

Sookie, the Greyhound certainly reminds me of my childhood days and how I spent all day at the pool; jumping, swimming, playing from one end to the other with my friends; keeping cool and just having the best times of our lives and when it was sunset, we would just watch the horizon for the greatest show on earth! Oh how wonderful to be a child again, just enjoying the simple pleasures in life!!

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Summer fun in the sun both enjoyed by humans and furry friends alike – isn’t that THE life! Share this funny and cute video to bring back memories of summertime past when you were young, wild and free like Sookie! ^_^

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