This Greyhound Was Anxious for Days, But His New Family Never Gave Up on Making Him Smile

Dogs are carriers of happiness and one of the friendliest animals in the world. Expressing excitement is natural to them, especially when they see their favorite humans. Dogs bark for joy and wag their tails out of delight — actions both completely contagious, and you’ll find yourself smiling at the sight. However, like humans, bubbliness disappears when anxiety occurs. Even the happiest creature on Earth can lose its smile. It can happen when the dog is gravely traumatized before adoption. They might avoid contact as much as possible and often get aggressive when triggered. During anxiety, it’s important to handle them with patience and extra care. Be their reason to smile again, just like how they became yours.

As for Paul, the former racing greyhound, it was his new family that helped him overcome sadness. Elizabeth and Holden tried their best to make Paul excited about life again. The sadness might have been the greyhound’s response to the sudden changes in his life. According to the pet parents, Paul was racing until his last day in Florida before he got adopted. Spending time in a new home overwhelmed him, and he’s having difficulty adjusting to a new environment. “He was so nervous on the stairs. He was really nervous around other dogs. He would barely interact with them. He didn’t really play with any toys,” Elizabeth shared.

Paul’s behavior was so unusual for a dog, but thankfully the humans who adopted him understood his situation. They were so patient with his anxiety — he was showered with love and care despite the lack of response from him. “The biggest thing was just taking the time to be patient with him. The key to success here has been slowly and consistently introducing him to things so that he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I know these stairs. I know this dog park. I know this floor,’” Holden explained. With their perseverance, Paul gradually showed the jolly dog hidden by his anxiety. One day his fears were gone, and everything did not scare him anymore. He recognizes the humans who continuously gave him affection. Paul has finally responded to their genuine care.

“Taking him on adventures and introducing him to things that he never really got to do in Florida was top of my priority list this summer. It was really special to take him on a hike and realize that he’s never done that,” Holden said. Paul has entered a new chapter in his life where he can relax instead of preparing for a race. It’s time for him to have that slow but relaxing life out of the fast and competitive world he lived in before.

Holden and Elizabeth ensured that he regained his confidence back. Even the day Paul first howled again was a memorable moment for the family. It’s undeniable how Paul was destined to be adopted by Holden and Elizabeth. They never gave up on him — Paul was their fur baby through ups and downs. His happiness radiates through the video, which you can watch below.

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