This Guy Completely Changed His Blind Dog’s Life With This Invention

We dog lovers would do anything so our dogs would live a happy and comfortable life. We don’t mind the money we spent on food and on the vet bills; as long as our dogs are happy, we are happy.

But no matter what we do to prevent it, our dogs can get sick, especially when they get older. And when they’re sick and old, we make sure to take extra care of them.

The senior Chihuahua in the video below lost his sight because of Cataracts. Buddy the Chihuahua has now gone blind and his owner knew that he’s gonna have some difficulty coping with his blindness. So to help Buddy navigate his way around the house, his human made a bumper harness that prevents him from bumping into things. Check out the video below!

Now Buddy is starting to become more confident walking around the house. The bumper harness really helped him a lot!

I salute the guy who made this bumper harness! What a creative invention! Buddy is so lucky to have such loving and caring humans!

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