This Guy Felt Guilty Leaving The Dog At Home Then He Came Up With A GENIUS Idea!

When you take a moment to check out this video, you will get to meet Igor. Igor is much like any other family bulldog, he’s very lovable, spoiled and just a tad goofy. Igor’s father was tasked with planning the family holiday, but there was just one crucial snag that needed to be taken care of: Igor was not able to accompany his family on their journey. Igor had yet to spend one single night apart from his loving family and they were devastated to learn that their canine companion could not come along with them. Igor’s father decided to take matters into his own hands, realizing that the dog should not be left behind for that long without any sort of advance warning.

Leaving his pal behind without having a familiar place to sleep did not sit well with Dad. How could he leave his friend in a cage, in some strange kennel? It hardly seemed right, so Dad decided to do whatever it took to ensure that Igor would not be forced to stay overnight in a kennel.

It is truly incredible how far some dog parents will go to ensure the comfort and security of their furry friends. Dad spent hours of his life planning and building a temporary home for Igor, so that the family could go on vacation without worry and Igor would have a place to stay that was familiar to him and set up in the exact manner that he likes best.

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