This Guy’s Camera Catches The True Nature Of Pitbulls. OMG… You Have To See This.

PitBulls have been unjustifiably made monsters by people that have trained the dogs to fight. This hilarious and touching video shows just how loving and comfy Pit Bulls can be in a nurturing and caring environment. A man tells his Pit Bull named Doogie that he is going to play a song for the dog. The dog drapes his paws around the man’s shoulders and rests his head by the man’s head as the guy tunes up his guitar. The dog looks to be at least two years old and is big enough to climb on the couch the man is sitting on and gets his head level with the man’s head.

The song is pretty funny in itself but the dog’s reactions to the words are just hilarious. This video should rank right up there with one of the top animal videos made. You get real emotion, a sense of how close people can be to their animals both physically and emotionally, and you get to see a dog that loves a homemade tune.

Anyone that has been convinced that Pit Bulls are viscous and uncontrollable animals needs to see this funny little video. An animal is just as “good” as it is treated and trained. Doogie is proof that Pit Bulls are safe for humans.

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  1. ChineseHealth AndFitness

    awwee.. that’s soo great.. they’re very loving and great dogs. EVeryone I’ve ever met has been soo friendly, playful and loves to be hugged and pet.

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