This Has Gotta Be The World’s Laziest German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known to be an active working breed. We see them working as police dogs, chasing the bad guys and fighting crime. Not only are they full of energy, but they are one of the smartest of the dog breeds too! A breed that’s bold, energetic, and intelligent!

But every dog has his day. And sometimes the working German Shepherd Dogs have to kick back and relax. So just like us, they may also have their lazy days. But if not, then I guess the dog in the video below must be the world’s laziest German Shepherd!

This dog’s human is feeding him some crackers, and he’s eating them lying down. But when one cracker lands too far away for his mouth to reach, he doesn’t bother to get up and get it! Nope! He just stares at it, and waits for his human to push it towards his mouth! Watch the video below!

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