This Hulking Beast Started Out As A Normal Puppy…But Now? It’s Just Incredible.

Real dog lovers know that pit bulls aren’t born any more aggressive than a toy poodle. Their reputation stems solely from years spent as victims of heartless owners. Unfortunately, their large size is another intimidating factor that keeps that stigma from fading.

But this well-trained big boy might be about to change everyone’s mind once and for all.

His name is The Hulk, and he started out as a normal pup…


But at just a year old, he weighed over 160 pounds!


He lives in New Hampshire with the crew at Dark Dynasty K9s where he’s being trained to protect people from harm.


Owner Marlon Grennan claims to strategically breed dogs for size and says he is very careful about who he sells his pups to.


At his most recent weigh-in, Hulk was up to 173 pounds. He’s not even two yet!


Watch him in action with his trainers in the clip below.

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