This Husky Has Something To Say About Bathtime – You Have To Hear This

We all know how talkative Huskies can be! I’m sure you guys have seen that video of Mishka the talking Husky! Huskies even talk to each other. Just like that video we featured of two Huskies who are arguing about a toy! And when Huskies don’t like bath time, they make sure their humans know about it!

The Husky in the video below is not happy about bath time. His name is Steel. So what does Steel do to let his daddy know that he hates bath time? Well, he vocalizes his complaints! Unlike other dogs who would wriggle around and try to run away when it’s bath time, this cutie just whines and complains! Watch the video below and listen to Steel complain about getting a bath!

Awwww…it’s like he’s saying “But daddy…I don’t like baths. I don’t need a bath, do I? I smell good, and I’m not that dirty! Please daddy…let me out of here!”

Don’t worry, sweetie! The bath will be over soon! You’ll be alright. Daddy is gonna take good care of you!

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