This Incredible Therapy Dog Is Inspiring The World With Her Unique Talent

Most dogs love to catch Frisbees, some dogs enjoy chasing after cats, and then there are those dogs who just want to spend every moment in bed, taking glorious naps. But there is one dog near San Diego who’d rather catch waves and capture hearts.

Ricochet was born to become a service dog for those with disabilities. But she was a little mischievous and enjoyed chasing after birds a bit too much — not the best trait in a service dog who needs to provide constant attention to her companion. At first her owner was a bit disappointed, but she quickly realized that Ricochet had a very unique talent. A talent so special that it would end up helping hundreds of people with disabilities learn to surf!

What a special dog Ricochet is, and she’s just as valuable on land! She’s raised more than $200,000 for different charities through both her Facebook page and events. Not to mention the countless people around the world she’s inspired with her story.

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