This Independent Dog Is Changing What It Means To Go For A Walk!

Fun fact, you guys! February 25th is National Walk The Dog Day! I know what you’re thinking…isn’t every day Walk The Dog Day for us loyal fur parents? Of course, of course…but this quirky holiday means we get another excuse to celebrate our pups!

While most owners and pets embark on traditional dog walks each day, the dog you’re about to meet, a spunky 5 month-old Great Dane puppy named Diesel, thinks outside the leash.

In this cute video, we see an energetic Diesel take control of his afternoon walk. He holds the leash in his mouth and prances onward while his human tries to keep up. Such an independent little guy! So cute. I especially love when he pauses, turns and waits for his owner to catch up.

Watch the sweet little go-getter in action:
How funny is that? Best part of course is that he holds the leash the whole time – such diligence. Has your dog ever lead a walk like this?

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