This Instagram-Famous Dog Fashionista Looks Like A Pop Star

Bontenmaru, is a Shih Tzu dog, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan with his owners. Surprisingly enough, the dog’s Instagram account became very successful recently. The 6-year old pet is considered sort of a model and digital influencer, with almost 24 thousand followers, and as of today, Bontenmaru’s pictures gain thousands of likes. The secret to his recent success is in the unusual “hairstyle” that had people coming up with all sorts of comparisons. A lot of people considered Bontenmaru’s hairstyle to be very similar to that of Lady Gaga’s in her early career or even similar to Sia’s who is also a well-known American singer alongside Lady Gaga.

However, the fancy hairstyle isn’t the only thing that’s outstanding about this dog, if we take a closer look at the way the dog is getting dressed one could definitely say the Bontenmaru (or his owners) has a good sense of style too.

Given all of this, Bored Panda reached out to Tomoyo Matsuura, the owner of the adorable Shih Tzu.

“I met Bontenmaru by chance when entering a store and since then, every day has been happy and pleasant since he came to our house.

Our routine with him is not much different from the routine of any other dog. I go for a walk every morning, he plays with other dogs, and in the afternoon, he takes a nice nap.

Bontenmaru goes to the barbershop once a month, and when there’s no time to take him, I’m the one who cuts his hair myself.”

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