This Is Mya The Pomsky, The Girl Dog Who Resembles A Fox

No, Mya is not a fox. And yes, she is real! Mya and her owner are an adventurous duo, and she turns heads everywhere they go. Read on to find out the truth about this beautiful girl.

This is Mya.

At first glance, she may look like a fox…

But she’s actually a Pomsky! That’s a Pomeranian mixed with a Husky.

Her stunning looks have helped her gain a huge following on the internet with over 43k Instagram fans!

And the fact that her owner posts pictures of their adventures together doesn’t hurt!

Here they are driving through Miami, Florida…

Hanging out in Virginia…

And at the summit of Pikes Peak!

She’s such a beautiful, adventurous dog!

Of course she would want the window seat! 😛

Now if she could just bring all of her friends everywhere she goes… 😉

Be sure to follow her amazing adventures on Instagram. You won’t regret it!

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