This Is What Happens When A Sad Shelter Dog Gets Loved On

Abandoned and rescued dogs confined at the shelter are almost in a halfway house of sorts. Halfway to a forever home but not quite there yet. . Take a look at the video and see how Roger, filmed at Pet Orphans of Southern California, reacts when given some play time by a shelter volunteer. From the first frame of the video, we see Roger confined in his cage, looking sad that he is cooped up. In the next video sequence, we see Roger literally frolicking and having a great time playing! We can really see how much they long for some attention.

If we can’t adopt a shelter dog and provide them a forever home, we can at least make their stay at the shelter a little better. When we volunteer our time and effort, we can make a big difference. Dogs also need our affection and when they reciprocate, it can really be an amazing experience!


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