This Is Why Dogs Should NEVER Be Left Alone In Cars, Even With the Windows Down!

As responsible dog owners, we should never leave our dogs in the car, especially now that Summer is just around the corner. As the weather is getting hotter, the inside of our cars get even hotter. Some dog owners would think that leaving their dogs in the car with the windows open is safe, because the opened window would provide the dog with some ventilation. But after you watch the video below, you’d never leave your dog in the car again.

In the video, two police officers were called to rescue a dog who was left in the car. It was a hot day, and the temperature outside was at 97 degrees. The owner left the dog in the car and left a window open. But when the police officers measured the temperature inside the car, it was at 150 degrees, even with the windows open!

Fortunately, the police officers arrived just in time to save the dog. They called in the fire department to help cool off the poor thing.

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