This just crushed my heart. I’m so glad they were there. How did this even happen??

The idea that someone could actually bury a pregnant dog underneath the sidewalk is incredibly difficult to fathom. The dog you are about to see in this clip was buried alive and left to die, but thanks to the efforts of one kindhearted man who would not stand idly by and ignore her cries for help, this dog’s story was able to have a happy ending.

This shocking story took place in Russia, in a town called Voronezh. The pregnant dog was a victim of human cruelty and may have gone unnoticed, had city workers not been called in to the area where she was buried. They were tasked with patching an area of the sidewalk where a sinkhole had recently been discovered.

However, they had unwittingly constructed the pregnant dog’s tomb during the process, as there was still a remaining cavity underneath the front steps of the building.

The fact that this dog is still alive is a testament to her iron will and a refusal to be forgotten. After the city workers had completed their task, local resident Vadim Rustam began to notice the sound of barking underneath the ground. They contacted the local housing authorities for help.

After being told that there was nothing for the city to do, Rustam and his family decided to rescue the animal on their own. With a lack of concern for the repair work that was done, Rustam dug through the sand beneath after prying the bricks loose with his bare hands.–gvKU0

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