This Lazy Dog Is Certainly Not Scared Of This Vacuum Cleaner

There’s just something about dogs and Roomba vacuums. It’s either they like it or they hate it. There was that cute video of a Boston Terrier wearing a Santa suit and riding a Roomba vacuum. And on the other hand, there was that confused (and a little scared) dog who was sort of having a battle with the robot vacuum and kept barking at it.

But the dog in the video below is not fond of the Roomba vacuum; and he’s not scared of it either. He just doesn’t care about it. In fact, he’s just too lazy to care! In the video, you’ll see this lazy yellow lab just lying on the floor, letting the Roomba vacuum clean the floor around him.

So if you want to clean the floor he’s laying on, you’d have to move him yourself, cos he’s just to lazy to stand up!

How does your dog react to vacuum cleaners? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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