This Little Doxie Goes To Hilarious Lengths To Get A Little Love From His Human

Dachshunds are funny little creatures. They usually need some alone time every day, but when they want love, they’ll stop at nothing to get it (like my dachshund, who seriously will not stop walking across my keyboard).

While this doxie dad was trying to get some work done on his computer, his little buddy — an adorable longhaired dachshund named Ricky — decided that it was time to play. When he didn’t get the hint after a bit of whining, Ricky pulled out all the stops. His determination is admirable, adorable, and also kind of alarming.

He’s a needy dude, isn’t he? But if his dad would just stop what he was doing, he wouldn’t have to unleash the crazy! One does not simply ignore a doxie, after all.

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