This Loyal Pup Pushing His Human In A Toy Car Will Put A Huge Smile On Your Face

The pooches trained at Protection Dogs Plus are skilled at keeping their families safe from bad guys, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some adorable fun when there’s no butts needing to be kicked.

Despite what some might think, these fierce fighters can also be gentle giants when they bond with their human friends, like with this sweet pair of besties. Pup Eteo pushes little Aden around the Newburyport, MA, boardwalk to see all the sights from the comfort of his toy car.

“Beep beep, coming through!”

Despite the beautiful vista around them, these cuties are definitely stealing the show with their sweet bond. And there’s no chance any bully will ever get in this kiddo’s way with this BFF around.

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  1. monica

    That is so cute.I love the video when the dog is push the kid on cart.The dog is beautiful and wonderful.All they need a family love them and they can awesome pets and help people that care about them.

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