This Man Is Helping Save The Lives Of Thailand’s Stray Dogs, One Bath At A Time

There are plenty of things to attract tourists to the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately, all the delicious cuisine and exciting culture of the capital is overshadowed by one instantly noticeable predicament.

Over 120,000 stray canines are estimated to roam the city and surrounding villages, and the number just keeps growing. Whether they were born into their bleak lives or abandoned by families that were supposed to love them, the dogs are an overwhelming and constant presence.

You can see just how much the pups trust him by accepting his incredible act of kindness.

You can join him in assisting the strays still living in their desperate situation by learning more and sponsoring or adopting a dog over at Soi Dog.

For more adorable photos of Gluta, visit here, check out her blog, or like her on Facebook. You can even message Wisetsin about purchasing a photo book filled with her smiling face, sure to brighten up your home.

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  1. monica

    That is wonderful and awesome these people and so cute when they give them a bath and they are so happy keep up and these beautiful stray dogs.I hope people see this beautiful video and raise money to help.I hope these dog get a good home and adopt.

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