This Might Be The Best Dog Mom Ever – Watch What Happens At 3:17…

One known cure for a very bad day is a puppy video If you’re a doglover, a puppy video will always make you smile! So to those who are in need of their daily dose of cuteness, we bring cuteness times five: four adorable Boxer puppies playing with their mom.

A Boxer named JuneBug loves to play with her 6-week-old puppies. You can see her and her four pups playing and having fun in the video below! And as you watch the video, it just gets sweeter and sweeter. Mommy JuneBug takes her time to play with each and every puppy. She plays tug of war with them, wrestles them, runs around with them, and she also cleans them up and gives them kisses while she’s playing them. She’s the sweetest mommy ever! This video is just too cute to miss!

Awwww…what an adorable family! I just wanna scoop all those puppies up, give them a big hug and kiss their cute little faces!

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