This Mommy Dog Sees Her Puppy Drowning. What She Did Made Our Heart Skip A Beat.

A mother would do anything to protect her baby. Just recently, we featured a mother dog who saved her puppies from a forest fire by digging a hole and burying them. Her quick thinking saved her family. That’s how strong a mother’s love is. They will think and do anything just to save their precious babies.

In the video below you’ll see a puppy in the pool; and the puppy seems to be having a little difficulty swimming towards the edge. So with no hesitation, the mother dog jumped into the pool to help her baby. And when the puppy finally reached the edge, he was having a tough time climbing it. So it’s mama to the rescue again! She quickly got out of the pool, and pulled her puppy to safety! Watch the video below!

Wasn’t that amazing?! She had to make sure her puppy is away from the pool so she dragged him all the way to the grass! Mama dog is such an awesome lifeguard! Don’t you agree?

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  1. monica

    That is a good mother save her baby.That is great I love this video it make me cry.I am happy they are both mother and baby puppy is ok!

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