This Monkey Fell In Love With These Puppies And His Reaction Says A Lot About Animal Compassion

We’ve seen dogs with such strong maternal bonds that they adopt other baby animals. Remember that dog who adopted orphaned kittens, and even started producing milk for them? We were so amazed by that story! But what we have for you today is the other way around. Another animal has fallen in love with newborn puppies!

This video is so cute that in just a span of 4 days, the video already has over 1 million views! In the video below, you’ll see a monkey who is falling in love with a pile of puppies. He’s petting them and he’s looking at them ever-so-tenderly! We think he’s becoming attached to these cute babies! Watch the video below and tell us what you think of this!

Awwww…wasn’t that the sweetest?! This video is just too cute not to share! Go ahead and share this video to your family and friends, and make them smile today!

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