This Old, Dying Dog Was Left At A Shelter, Now He’s Living Out His Bucket List

Chicago residents Kelly Michael and Sarah Lauch met a lot of happy, playful, and excited pups when they took a visit to the local animal shelter in April. But it was the sad-eyed older dog who stole their hearts.

Roosevelt the senior pit bull had been surrendered to the shelter by owners citing “issues urinating,” and left to spend the short time he had left in the shelter’s care.

Michael and Lauch just couldn’t walk past this sweet face.


He was reluctant to go back into the cage, preferring these snuggles instead.


With the help of One Tail at a Time Dog Rescue, the ladies brought him home as his new foster parents.


Now going by Roo, a visit to the vet gave them some bad news: terminal bone cancer and only a few months to live.


But that didn’t stop his new mommies from dedicating themselves to giving him the best last days a pooch could hope for.


Hiking adventures, massages, a trip to the lake, and plenty of yummy treats are all part of his new amazing life.


They were able to eventually adopt him, making sure he receives the care and love he deserves.


Michael and Lauch hope his story will inspire others to #LiveLikeRoo and embrace all the joy life has to offer.


Watch Roo’s heartwarming story here, too!

Next on the cutie’s bucket list: a doggie cruise! His mommies know it will be sad to say goodbye when the time comes, but that shouldn’t stop him from having the best life possible.

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