This Pet Store Lies About The Dogs They Are Selling, But The Reason Is Wonderful

“Adopt, Don’t Shop” — animal advocates and rescue organizations have been encouraging people to adopt dogs at the shelters instead of buying them at the pet stores so lives can be saved. There are thousands of dogs who are at the shelters, and some of them are not fortunate enough to go to a home and they end up in the kill-list. However, some people would still prefer to spend money to buy a pet, rather than adopting one.

So Quatro Patinhas, an organization in Brazil, created a program named Priceless Pets. With this program, they teamed up with pet stores, and replace the animals for sale with pets for adoption. Customers entered the pet shop unaware that there are hidden video cameras in the store, and that the pets on display were from the shelter. Watch the video below and see what happens!

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