This Photo Probably Broke Your Heart, But The Happy Ending Will Make You Smile

Earlier this year, a photo of a German shepherd sleeping in a hole she dug out near a headstone in a cemetery spread across the web as a testament to a dog’s loving tribute to her former owner.

But as touching as that story is, the truth behind the viral photo is so much more heartbreaking…but don’t worry, there is a happy ending at the end of this dog’s tale.

She was photographed curled up in this hole she dug at a gravesite.


But after investigation, people discovered she had simply found a safe place to protect her puppies.


An animal rescue crew brought the mama and her babies into safety.


All of the cuties received the medical and emotional care they clearly needed.


All under the ever-watchful eye of their mom, of course.


They’ve been able to grow, play, and have a happy life in their new setting.


Who knows what would have happened if the cuties hadn’t been rescued.


Their mom’s milk could have only lasted for so long without help.


But thankfully, they’re all smiles now.


Stories like these are so often overlooked by the sensational response they provoke from one image. Thank goodness someone investigated it further to find a better life for the sweet pooches.

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