This Pitbull’s Reaction To Meeting A Baby Duck Will Melt Even The Hardest Heart

Preconceived notions are never fun to hear…especially when they’re about our beloved fur babies. That’s why stereotypes about Pitbulls are so unfortunate. People decide to judge the entire breed based on the actions of a few among them…completely unfair, and, if we’re being honest usually untrue.

The dog you’re about to meet is a perfect example of just how wrong this narrow minded idea is. Mercedes is an American Pitbull with a big heart and a budding curiosity about her newest housemate, a small duck!

When her owner finally agrees to let the pair meet, an unlikely friendship is born.

Sweet Mercedes is so gentle and loving toward this tiny creature. She softly approaches with her nose, genuinely trying to get to know this little duckling! So stinkin’ cute. Anyone who assumes Pitbulls are ‘dangerous’ needs to watch this. It just might change your mind and remind you that all animals have the capacity to be affectionate and kind…to one another, and to us.

No wonder this unexpected friendship went viral – they are just too adorable! What did you think of the video? Did it change your mind about Pitbulls as a breed?

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