This Pomeranian Will Instantly Improve Your Day

This three-legged ball of fluff is the best thing that has ever happened to the internet.

This is Missy Minzi.

She has three legs and steals hearts.

Just look at her and try to say you’re not in love.

Missy Minzi is also a master of disguise.

She can turn into a watermelon.

A pegasus.

And even a butterfly.

She gets the zoomies.

And tells the goodest jokes.

Sometimes she’s upside down.

And sometimes she’s being smooshed.

But she’s always looking her best.

She’s good at so many things, too, like flying.

And being a torpedo.

All the while being oh so very cute.

She loves walks on the beach.

And hot air ballooning.

She’s basically the essence of romance.

In conclusion, it’s impossible to get enough of Missy Minzi!

*ugly crying* I mean…Just look at her.

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