This Poor, Injured Pit Bull Only Wanted One Thing – To Be Rescued

The crew over at Hope For Paws devotes their time to saving all of the adorable dogs who can’t save themselves. It doesn’t matter whether a pup has been abandoned, abused, ran away, or is starved — these are the folks who will help those poor cuties recover and find a second chance at happiness.

When they got a call about this pit bull seen in an industrial area, they immediately knew they had to check on her. The living conditions were far less than ideal and the small girl was clearly in need of a good meal.

Someone made this shoddy shack for her, but it wasn’t nearly enough to keep her safe.


She was eager to accept bites of hamburger from one of her rescuers, but wouldn’t stand up.


After few moments, they realized she was injured on her back leg, so they scooped the cutie up to take her in for treatment.


Watch what happened when they brought her in:


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  1. monica

    They are awesome rescued that help her.The friend that feed her is wonderful and help to save her.She is beautiful dog and Lisa I like she help rescued animals.She is happy and I hope that she get a lovely family to get lots of love.

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