This Poor Pit Bull Lived Next To A Highway Before Rescuers Saved Him From Horror

Los Angeles freeways are known for their high speeds, unbelievable congestion, and all-around craziness. They’re daunting to drive on, but this lonely pit bull faced a far scarier reality — he lived in an abandoned lot right next to one. Every day, it was a struggle to not only find food, but also to avoid falling onto the road. Then, his rescuers came.

The look of fear in his eyes is so sad. He was so scared and didn’t know that these people were there to save him! Thankfully, Veyron is happy, healthy, and on the road to finding a loving forever home.

If you’d like to help make more rescues like this one possible, don’t hesitate to donate to Hope For Paws…every little bit counts!

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