This PTSD Veteran Felt Agitated During An Interview. Now Watch What His Dog Does!

rick Scott is a veteran, an army national guard for 16 years. He was deployed in Iraq. But before he went to Iraq, his father told him something he would never forget. His father said, “Son, those 11 guys, make you sure you bring them all back.” Those words stuck to Erick. But unfortunately, not all of them were able to come back with him.

Erick was guilty that he wasn’t able to bring all 11 guys back. They call it ‘survivor’s guilt’. Because of this, Erick displayed symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Then Erick heard about K9 For Warriors, an organization that provides service dogs for soldiers with PTSD. There he met Gumbo, his service dog and his new friend. Watch the video below and see what Gumbo does when he sensed that Erick was agitated during the interview!

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