This Pug Loves To Snowboard Like No Other

What are you and your dog up to this weekend? Going somewhere fun, I hope! Our lives may be so busy, but we should take time to relax, have fun, and play with our dogs. Once in a while, we should get to enjoy life like they do.

This dog and her human is having the time of their lives for sure! I can’t help but smile when I watched their fun-filled video! Everyone, meet Brandy! Brandy is a spunky Pug who lives in California. In her spare time, she goes surfing with her human. But this time, they decided to go somewhere else. In the video below, Brandy the Pug shows off her snowboarding skills! Her human sets up a GoPro camera to capture every moment of Brandy having fun as she goes snowboarding in the Southern California snow. Watch the video below and see how much fun Brandy is having!

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