This Puppy Can’t Stand, Sit Or Walk. What Happens Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle.

Born with a severe disability called “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome” Mick would have been euthanized if not for the people that gave him a chance at life through getting him the treatment that he desperately needed. Most puppies that are born with “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome” are euthanized because the puppy cannot sit, lay or walk and requires therapy because they are completely flat with pressure on their chest at all times since their legs are useless. This pressure can lead to many complications and can make life even more complicated with difficulty breathing. The therapies are expensive and many people do not even know that they are out there to help these innocent little puppies so instead the puppies lose their lives to what people consider mercy.

Thankfully Mick was given the extensive therapy that he needed in order to live because there were those out there that new that there are treatments available for “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome”. It included hanging from a harness to take the pressure off his chest and that also put his legs in the right position. He was propped up sometimes as well to keep the pressure off his chest as well. He was harnessed and learned to swim to help build up the muscles in his body so that when the therapy was successful he would be able to walk, run, and sit. Some of the therapies that are required included having his legs tied together with stretch bands that help keep his feet in the position that they are supposed to be in. More therapies that are involved are playing which helped build muscles and let Mick so things that a puppy enjoys. These therapies are done throughout the day so that while he could rest he was still working on everything he needed in order to help him to live a full and good life.

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