This Puppy Lived Chained Up For Years. How These Heroes Change Her Life Is A True Miracle!

Imagine the pain you would feel being chained within just a few feet of a dilapidated home without food or water from the time you were born. You have nowhere to play, no companionship, and no hope of freedom. This is the existence that a dog named Cora was condemned to.

Many people consider that chaining a dog up is the best way to control the animal and prevent the dog from escaping. Some people even think that chaining a dog keeps the animal from harming other people or being bitten by other animals that have rabies or other disease. The people that do this kind of thing to a dog appear to never consider what the loss of freedom means to a dog.

Dogs are made to roam about, smell everything there is, and nose all the humans that they meet. Keeping a dog chained to the dog house is a form of imprisonment.

Cora was actually chained with a chain around her neck. The chain had bitten into the dog’s neck deeply enough to cause permanent wounds that could have led to death. Three other dogs lived in similar conditions in the backyard of the same home Cora “lived” at.

The dogs would still be in chains or in all likelihood be dead if not for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Heather, a volunteer worker with PETA, saw Cora and negotiated a release of Cora from her chains into Heather’s care.

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