This Puppy Loves Helping His Owner With The Push Ups

There are all sorts of benefits from owning a dog. First of all, you will never be bored. There is always something to do when having a dog as a pet – petting, brushing, feeding, napping, pulling stuff they should not chew out of their slobbery mouths…the list is endless. But they also keep you in good shape, having to walk them at least twice a day, if not more. And, of course, they are excellent workout buddies!

Here you have exhibit A. Atlas is an Australian Shepherd puppy that loves treats, going to the beach and running in the snow with his owner Patricia. But when it comes to working out with Tyr, his owner’s boyfriend, Atlas is all in!

Watch how the still-a-bit-chubby puppy manages to balance himself on Tyr’s back while he does some push ups in his home in Västmanland, Sweden. Every time Atlas notices that Tyr is slacking on his performance, he gives him a little motivation by licking him in the ear.

Come on, man, you call this a push up? Put your heart into it!

It’s a good weighted training for beginners. Assuming that he weights some 25 pounds, on the back of someone who is as fit as Tyr, it is just a walk in the park. A furry, slobbery, warm walk.

Speaking of workout buddies, we highly recommend you to see what Winston the Corgi does in the gym with his buddy Jacob. The guys were doing an intense workout, but you just keep your eye on the Corgi. Where can we get training partners like those?

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