This puppy mill rescued dog was scared of everything, but this is what she looks like today

ASPCA has given a great contribution to rescue another dog from a puppy mill in Kentucky. The name of the dog is Tyra, and she was kept at a puppy mill in Kentucky, until ASPCA decided to use its powerful tools to save lives from cruelty again. I am very sad to see that dogs can experience terrible experiences that  damage seriously their mental conditions. It is such a shame that we live in a reality like this, when people use and abuse with many different unethical methods just to make some extra cash, or have a higher profit.

So once again humanity, and justice won. ASPCA rescued the puppy, and tried to have the first contact with the dog after having it. It is really sad to see the reactions of the puppy toward everyone, and everything. She was very confused, terrified, and protective from it all. In this video you will see that the puppy didn’t reacted for anything. Looked like her emotions were all shut down, and she had no intentions whatsoever to get involved in anything at all. She doesn’t want to be with anyone, she was scared from everything, and she doesn’t like to play any “fun” games.

Life was just black and white probably. There is no good in this world for the poor puppy, rescued from traumatic puppy mill. We will never know her experiences, but we have obligations toward dogs, and animals in general. The great news is that after a long hard work with the caretakers at the ASPCA confessed that Tyra is happy, healthy and all social now. It is a really good think to change a puppy’s life for better. We should always let these puppies know that life can be great, and there might be people who care about you. Share this story with your friends and family if they care deep enough for animal’s health!

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