This Puppy Was Abandoned with a Bag of Food In a Dumpster. Watch This Cop Save Her Life!

We dog lovers will never understand why and how people could just simply abandon their dogs; especially when it’s a poor defenseless puppy. Those who do such a thing should be held responsible for their actions. That is why the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating who abandoned a puppy in a dumpster near the Jensen Beach Causeway.

A police officer heard cries coming from the dumpster. And what she discovered, broke her heart. It was a tiny 4-week-old puppy. The puppy was abandoned there, and whoever abandoned her left her a bag of dog food. The puppy was scared and dehydrated. The police officer gave the puppy some food and water, and brought it to the vet. Watch the video below for the story.

The vet found the puppy to be okay and healthy. She is now being cared for at Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, where they already had a waiting list for her adoption.

If you have any info regarding who abandoned this poor baby, please call The Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

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