This Puppy Was Adopted By Goats But Wait ‘Till You See Them Play

It’s so cute when mother dogs adopt other animals. You can see how strong the dog’s maternal instincts are that even if the baby animals are of a different species, she takes care of them like they’re her own. Just like that dog who adopted orphan kittens and even started producing milk for them! Amazing!

And while some dogs are adopting other animals as their own, the Chihuahua in the video below has been adopted by a family goats–and now, she feels like one of them! This eight-week-old Chihuahua named Lola was a little shy on her first day at the Sunflower Farm. But when she saw two goat kids, named Princess Leia and Lady Bug, she came out of her shell! It’s like she sees them as her very own siblings! Watch the video below and see how cute they are!

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