This Rescue Dog Is So Tiny, He Has A Wardrobe Made From Children’s Socks!

Meet Arthur, the tiniest addition to the shelter. Thought to be a Chinese Crested/Chihuahua cross, this itty bitty baby arrived at the RSPCA at just six weeks old. Now eight weeks, Arthur weighs a minuscule 600 grams, or about 1.3 pounds, and is four inches tall.


He’s made great progress in a short amount of time. Once suffering from hypothermia, worms, and a skin infection, this little guy has regained his appetite, health, and his warmth, thanks to caring shelter staff.

But how do you dress such a tiny doggy to keep out the chill? Keep him cozy in children’s socks, of course! Arthur now has a wardrobe of colorful, silly, wooly, and toasty jumpers, some made from socks with tiny arm and leg holes, some hand-knit, just for him!


The petite puppy is too teeny to keep in a crate, so shelter staff have been giving him 24/7 foster care. In just a couple of weeks, he’ll be healthy enough to go home with his forever family!


See more adorable pictures of this runway-worthy pooch at SWNS, and check out this little nugget in action:

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