This Row Of Sleeping Husky Puppies Is Just Too Cute!

Are you looking for your daily dose of cuteness? Well we’ve got the video just for you!

If you recall, a few days ago we featured a video of precious newborn Pugs sleeping in a row! We couldn’t help but smile and say “aaaaaww” when we watched that video. That was just so cute! I’m sure a lot of Pug lovers loved that video!

And now here’s something for all Husky lovers out there! This row of sleeping Husky puppies is just too cute to handle! In the video below, you can see these little babies sleeping–and they are just the cutest! Those tiny paws and those cute little noses are to die for!

Awwwww…I wanna kiss them all! Watching these cute puppies make me wanna go and get myself a new puppy to spoil!

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