This Scared Dog Was Found Crying On The Street. Now See His Journey To Recovery

When Dr. Karri found an abandoned dog named Benji on the streets, she realized that he had clearly been on his own for far too long. The poor pooch was left abandoned with matted fur, terrible teeth, and no will to live.

Luckily, when the kind doctor brought Benji to her care center, she quickly set him on the right path to a full recovery, giving him a second chance at life in the process. Seeing Benji now with a more positive outlook on life makes the fact that he was dying on his own even more confounding.

You better grab a whole box of tissues. You’re going to need them all.

Seeing the smile glowing from Benji’s heart is enough to make my day. Thanks to Dr. Karri, he finally gets to go to his forever home today.

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