This sustainable dog house is design-forward, eco-friendly and has a hidden drawer for stashing treats

When the architects at Studio Schickentanz undertook their latest project, they thought about how sustainability could fit into the picture … from a dog’s point of view.

Their canine cottage is high-design, a timber structure with an angled roof that boasts forward-thinking eco-friendliness!

The inside of the pint-sized house boasts a built-in floor drain and a solar-powered fan that keeps its canine occupant super comfortable on the hottest days. On the exterior, an easy-to-grip grassy ramp takes its pup resident to a green roof where a cool, motion-activated water fountain — it’s connected to an irrigation system! — ensures that no water is wasted.

Besides all the newfangled features, the house is stylish beyond belief! Built from wide, timber planks with a simple-but-impressive angled design, small windows allow natural light in and — because it’s still a dog house, after all — there’s a hidden drawer in which food and treats and toys can be kept

Why all the fuss over a dog house? This is one of several entries in the Carmel Canine Cottages Competition. Each of the entrants will be auctioned off – and all proceeds will go to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

A word about dog houses….

First off, we at LWD believe that dogs are INDOOR PETS! That said, it’s lovely when Fido can spend time enjoying fresh air out in the yard and if your pup enjoys him or herself out there, having a dog house can make that experience nicer by offering shade and shelter (or, in the case of some huskies we know, a snowy roof on which to happily nap in wintertime!). Here are some tips on what to think about when selecting a dog house for your pet:

-Does it have enough room? Your dog should be able to stand up, move around, and have access to water.
-Elevation, just slightly off the ground, can keep the house cooler in warmer weather and warmer when the ground is frozen.
-Light colors: these reflect sun and therefore heat, keeping the structure more comfortable.

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