This Sweet Rescue Will Have You Bawling Your Eyes Out!!!

We used to live in an apartment complex out in the middle of nowhere Oregon. These places can be huge and there are lots of spots for lost animals to make a home.


There was just such a puppy at our apartments. He was a stray or a run away who found himself at our complex with out a place to go or a person in the world. If you’ve ever seen a stray on the streets you know how heartbreaking it can be!

He was so sweet and frightened but obviously wanted love. He would come out to eat the scraps that we threw and then retreat back to his hiding spot. We finally gained his trust and took him a to a rescue shelter where he could find his forever home.

These animals, however they found themselves on the streets, live outside and who knows where they came from or what they’ve been through! They are lost or left and need people who care about them to help.

One rescue tale like this, of the sweetest Pit Bull Maisie, will have you crying your eyes out!! Continue to the next page to WATCH this amazing, heartbreaking account of a lost dog who needed rescuing!

Maisie is a beautiful grey pit bull who for weeks had been living in some shrubbery near a local factory. When it was discovered she was living there some wonderful employees began to take care of her by feeding her scraps and making sure she was looked after.

Eventually people from Hope for Paws came out to bring Maisie in so she could find a real home and family to take care of her. By feeding her bits of food slowly and from a distance she began to trust them and eventually came out of hiding.

By giving her time to adjust to new people and taking things slow they were able to get her to come to them and eventually put a leash on her. You’ll see how gentle and loving she is!! Kisses and one big happy smile. It really does bring tears to your eyes to see such a sweet girl get the love she deserves.

If you come across a lost or stray dog be aware that not every dog is friendly and they may react out of fear. If you make an approach do so slowly with caution and do not do so if they are showing signs of aggression! Chances are these dogs aren’t used to too much human kindness.

But luckily there are people out there who do care like the factory employees and rescue workers. Thanks to them pits like Maisie can find a home as amazing as she is!!

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