This Tiny Dog Wants To Know If These Rabbits Want The Deluxe Wash

Here’s something for your daily dose of cuteness! And it’s guaranteed to make you smile! This video has cute and fluffy bunnies in a tiny car, with a tiny adorable dog trying to wash it! It’s complete cuteness overload!

Meet Misa Minnie, an adorable Yorkshire Terrier who’s gaining popularity in both her YouTube and Instagram accounts! In the video you’ll see Misa Minnie trying to wash a tiny blue convertible for her two cute and fluffy customers! The small bunnies are in the car while Misa Minnie is wiping it clean! She has all the stuff she needs for her carwash; complete with a tiny bucket, a bottle of liquid soap, and pieces of cloth to wipe it dry! This video is just too cute not to share!

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