This Tiny Dog Was Born With Two Legs, But Kind Rescuers Are Helping Him Walk

It’s a sad fact: when a dog is born without front legs, a lot of people think of them as defective, not worthy of love. It’s a rare person whose first thought is to put in countless hours to make sure that he or she learns to become mobile. Many people would even opt to put them out of their “misery.” But one lucky pup, appropriately named Scooter, is getting lots of love and help from the good people at Pitty Paws Bully Rescue. They’ve made it their mission to get him on his feet!

Missing limbs or no…this face is absolutely priceless.


(via BarkPost)

Scooter’s got a very long waiting list of people who are jonesing to give him a loving forever home, but the rescue organization is waiting until he is a year old to adopt him out. They want to make sure that he’s fully capable of being a happy, healthy dog, no matter what home he goes to.

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