This Tiny Dog Was Left At A Shelter, But It’s What Happened Next That Had Me In Tears

A few kind souls performed the ultimate good deed by helping a cute little mama dog. The Shih Tzu was abandoned at an animal shelter in Los Angeles while in labor, and had mange, causing her newborn puppies not to be able to nurse.

Hearing about the dog, the Bill Foundation Dog Rescue stepped in to save the day as they rushed her to a vet, where her mangled fur was shaved off, finally allowing her puppies to nurse. Watch as Asha Attie gets reunited with her puppies after her vet visit.

These heroes saved this dog and her puppies’ lives. Consider donating a few dollars to the Bill Foundation so they can continue saving four-legged families from such dire situations. Be sure to also support your local rescue organizations so they can help our canine companions.

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