This Video of a German Shepherd Waking Up is Making Everyone Smile

Almost everyone has been called out for our funny sleeping faces, I know I have. But thankfully I have not had a video taken on the occasion. No such luck for Dex the German Shepherd. His mom, Cathy Porter, pulls out her camera while he’s in a deep sleep to capture his unusual sleeping face.

In the video, Cathy comments out loud that she doesn’t know if she is recording her dog sleeping, but the existence of this video tells you she was successful. And what a face! With his eyes sliding to the back of his skull and his lips twitching he looks zombie-like. But 43 seconds in Dex’s eyebrow arches and he wakes up – his face shifting from scary to derpy in just seconds.

Watch the adorable video that has 2 million plus views and counting below.

Watch video here

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