This Woman And Her Dog Perform An Elaborate Dance Routine…And It’s Seriously Impressive

Dogs love to participate in sports; it’s a great way to keep them physically and mentally engaged, not to mention a great way to bond with their owner. But sports don’t just mean agility training in an open field. As the video below proves, keeping your pup entertained can be creative for both of you!

The annual Eurasia Dog Show in Moscow features a Musical Freestyle competition. The modern dog sport mixes tricks, dance and obedience training for a uniquely imaginative interaction between dogs and their humans.

In addition to jumping, bowing, rolling over and spinning on command, the four-legged star of this show also “dances” with his human partner! Very impressive stuff! Not to mention…how dapper does he look in that giant bow tie?

These competitions have been going on since 1989, and it’s clear that everyone involved, from the insanely well-trained pups to the clearly dedicated trainers to the delighted audience members, enjoy the process.

Now it’s your turn:

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