This Woman Runs A Shelter For Dogs With Disabilities In The Most Difficult Place On The Planet

The Milagros Perrunos dog shelter in Lima, Peru (which is a developing nation or “third world country”) specializes on rescuing and taking care of dogs who are partially paralyzed after being hit by cars. Sara Morán is the woman who is running in the shelter, and she is relying solely on donations to help these poor dogs. Sara doesn’t profit from running the shelter, and the donations that the shelter gets are spent for the dogs’ food, toys, and wheelchairs.

This shelter is doing such wonderful work. And now that the dogs have wheelchairs, they can finally run and play! Watch the video below and see these happy dogs playing at the beach!

These dogs hope to be adopted and find a loving forever home. We sure hope that there are kindhearted people out there who will give these dogs a chance at having a home and a family.

We also hope that donations will keep pouring in so the shelter can continue their wonderful work!

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