This Worried Golden Retriever Is On The Hunt For Something Special. Wait Till You See!

This teddy bear is very special for the Golden retriever and as such she cannot be separated from it for a long period of time. This means that when evil mom and dad took it to the washing machine, she had to do something about it, she couldn’t wait too long until she got her teddy bear back.

Heroically, the Golden retriever decided to do a daring rescued send went into the washing machine on her own so she could get her friend back. After all the teddy’s essence is all on the smell she passed on to him and washing the teddy was going to make that smell disappear forever.

In the video you can see the Golden retriever get her teddy bear back from the washing machine. It’s pretty cute to see her as she gets her nose in there just looking to get her friend back.

Of course, this video only exists because mom and dad already know what they’re dealing with and, as such, they decided to catch their Golden retriever right in the act as she performed her daring rescue of her best friend.

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