This Yorkie Puppy Might Be The World’s Smartest Dog

Remember that cute Yorkie who was washing the tiny blue car with the fluffy bunnies in it? Well she’s got more skill and talent to show the world! Her name is Misa Minnie and she’s more than just an adorable Yorkie, she may be the world’s smartest puppy!

She was only weeks old when her owner started training her. And it’s amazing how this puppy responded to her owner’s commands. She’s very attentive and she’s a fast learner! She enjoys being trained too! Misa Minnie is gaining a lot of followers because of her beauty and her brains! In the video below, you can see her performing several tricks that she learned at 31 weeks old! Check it out!

Now wasn’t that just adorable and amazing?! I’m in love with this smart little Yorkie pup!

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